Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tweeting on Twitter - who would have thought!

Had my first day of "Tweeting" yesterday. Tweeting on Twitter. An advanced degree, 30 year career in high tech, retiring earlier, 2nd careers in real estate and now web design and what am I doing (and enjoying it!)?...right, I'm Tweeting. Not only that, but I'm doing it confined by some faceless, nameless internet desciple of Him to 140 characters per Tweet...yup, characters, not words. Sure doesn't leave much room for embellishing, amplifying, exaggerating, pontificating, or any of the many other "" words that describe my communications style so aptly. Thing is, you can meet some very nice, very interesting, very intelligent, very ..... well you get the picture...people out there in hyperspace. Literally, communities of people for virtually any topic/issue, exist with people contributing from all over the globe. I think about a few short years ago before email, versus now...awesome.

When Mumbai was attached, there were people in the middle of the attack tweeting what was going on real time, before it was broadcast over any network. There is a whole new frontier of communication that we're just starting to tap. I've always been a high tech junky. I have been an "early adopter" of a number of high tech products, less now than in my earlier years. It has been and continues to be exciting to see the technology frontier expand at the pace it is. So much changes in the span of one life time.

One thing I am determined to do as I grow older is to stay on top of technology and never shy away from it or give up understanding the latest generation of 'stuff'. So, this month it will be tweeting on twitter, last month it was writing on friends walls in facebook, next month, not sure, but I'll find something.

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